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            IMTEX 2021 - International Manufacturing Technology Show

            IMTEX 2021 Show NameInternational Manufacturing Technology Show 2021
            IMTEX 2021 DatesSat, Jan 21, 2021 – Sun, Jan 27, 2021
            IMTEX 2021 VenueMcCormick Place Convention Center Chicago
            IMTEX 2021 CityChicago, United States

            One Of The Largest Metal-Cutting Machine Tool Exhibitions In South East Asia.

            IMTEX 2021 is an apex exhibition showcasing the latest trends as well as technological refinements from India and other global players. The IMTEX 2021 attracts visitors from a wide spectrum of manufacturing and ancillary industries including key decisions and policymakers as well as industry captains who are keen to source the latest technologies and manufacturing solutions for their product lines.

            IMTEX 2021 is an exclusive business-to-business event will attract Indian and foreign exhibitors who would offer a range of technologically innovative manufacturing and engineering products and applications. IMTEX FORMING 2021 is expected to be a greatly expanded fair which would feature all aspects of forming technologies, predominantly sheet metal forming.

            IMTEX 2021 Sectors

            IMTEX 2021 exhibits the metal cutting and forming machine include presses, presses for special applications, sheet metal cutting machines, sheet metal blanking, punching machines, sheet metal forming machines, sheet metal working cells and systems, die casting, forging, extrusion, metal spinning and flow forming, rolling, wire forming machines, bar, section and tube working machines, hydroforming, casting & foundry, heat treatment & hardening, machines for the production of bolts, nuts, screws and rivets, joining & welding, robotics & manufacturing automation, and specialized metal forming processes & machines.

            You’ll find solutions to provide the best for your business, your customers, your employees, and even for your family.


            IMTEX Exhibition Alternative | MTS Exhibition

            IMTEX show focus on machine tools, so does MTS Exhibition.

            MTS Exhibition (previous: MTS Video Channel) started with sorting global information into an online guide to make machine tool exhibitions simpler and more enjoyable. Now, as we expand more aggressively, we started bringing manufacturers onto our online exhibition.

            The features of easy access, no limit in time or location, allow us to give you access to the world’s manufacturers on this platform. Be sure to check out the following content when looking for your next machine for better efficient machine sourcing.


            Search for your next supplier.

            Supported by Taiwan’s largest machine tool sourcing website, MTS features hundreds of HD machine videos and thousands of detailed product catalogues. You can access Taiwan's machine tools anywhere with Internet access.

            Start your visit and search for your next supplier.

            Start Searching

            Get searched with MTS Exhibition.

            MTS is the only web marketing service approved by the Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI). We strive to deliver the most comprehensive information about machine tools and its manufacturers.

            Join us on MTS Exhibition and get more impression.

            Yes, I want more impression.

            Enhanced Live Stream Service | MTS Streams

            In-depth, On-Site Experience

            Our team visited manufacturing plants in Taiwan, Asia, and other parts of the world to provide you with an in-depth on-site experience of the latest machinery, industry trends and technological developments. The best thing about MTS Streams is that You can actively participate in our live shows through live chat and Skype call-in.

            What can you expect from MTS Streams?

            Company and industry updates. / Webinars and how-to live streams.
            New product introductions and live machining demos. / Q&A sessions and live stream support.
            Live exhibitions and conferences. / Industry expert’s discussion panels.

            Book our next stream session (it's free) now.

            Yes, I want in.

            IMTEX 2021 Exhibitors | MTS Exhibition

            Search for products and manufacturers who may meet your factory needs. This full list includes both IMTEX 2021 exhibitors and other global-selling machine tools manufacturers in the industry.

            Participating Broadcast Company

            Quick Links

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